19th Leonberger Club Exhibition 2018 by ÖCLH
5102 Anthering near Salzburg, Austria

Results, photos & acknowledgements
Our Jubilee club exhibition "40 years ÖCLH" on our club exhibition weekend was, thanx to perfect atmosphere, excellent summer weather and all exhibitors and their Leonbergers, a worthy celebration!
We say thank you to the exhibitors from 10 countries, the honoured judge team Ms. Uschi Eisner (AT), Mr. Alain Pécoult (FR) and Mr. Dr. Wilfried Peper (DE)!

Thanks goes as well to the head of exhibition, ring staff, many "helping handy" as well as to the SVÖ-Anthering and our sponsors. We are looking forward to welcome you at the Jubilee-double-exhibition in Wels in December 2018 as well as at the next ÖCLH club exhibition in May 2019!

Photos of jubilee club exhibition
(powered by Janoch Photography)
Photos of jubilee club exhibition
(powered by Clara Chiarini; requires Facebook-Account!)
Photos of jubilee club exhibition
(powered by Mayra Huber; requires Facebook-Account!)
Results of the jubilee club exhibition

Our club exhibition weekend 2018 will consuetudinary take place in Anthering close to the city of Salzburg, including multiple club activities, our general meeting and the ÖCLH jubilee clubshow "40 years ÖCLH" on Saturday 26th May 2018. As until now we will award the titles CACA, Club winner (male/female), Youth winner and Veteran winner, BOB and BOS as well as for the "Austrian winner" and the award "Star of Austria" for the best head (male/female). With our sincere thanks to the International Leonberger Union we are glad to award the "I.L.U. awards for BOB & Veteran winner"! The "kids and Leo"-event will be part of our supporting programme. We are looking forward to spend an enjoyable saturday evening at the "Kernei's" wine tavern together with you (Registration: "Registration online").

Entry fee

Registration classes
(official classes / special classes)
1st registration deadline 30 April 2018 2nd registration deadline 10 May 2018
Intermediate class
Open class
Champion class
48,-- 58,--

Every further registration in
Intermediate class
Open class
Champion class

38,-- 48,--
Baby class
Puppy class
Youth class
Veteran class
38,-- 48,--
(Veterans after the fullfilled 10th year of life!)
free free

"Kid & Leo contest"
Registration on the exhibition day at the entry office: 10am - 11am

Payment of the entry fee by bank transfer:
Recipient: Österreichischer Club für Leonberger Hunde
Reason for payment: Club show 2018
IBAN: AT84 1100 0002 6366 7800 BIC/SWIFT: BKAUATWW (UniCredit Bank Austria AG)
Attention: Please only use SEPA-transfers which are at no charge for the recipient. Registrants without this possibility can pay the fees on site!

1st registration deadline: 30th April 2018
2nd registration deadline: 10th May 2018

Registration online
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Jump to: Entry fee | Registration online | Directions | Accomodation | Camping

The club show takes place at:
pet obedience school of SVÖ Anthering
Bahnhofstraße 44
5102 Anthering

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We recommend:
Hammerschmiede (Family Stadler)
Hammerschmied-Straße 9
5102 Anthering
Telephone: +43 (0)6223 2503

Kernei's wine tavern
Bahnhofstrasse 11
5102 Anthering
Telephone: +43 (0)6223 / 33 85

Accomodations close to the site:
Christerbauer (farm holiday site)
Bahnhofstraße 24
5102 Anthering
Telephone: +43 (0)6223 / 23 12 or mobile +43 (0)664 / 6411818

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Camping is possible on the club show site
The costs are 15 € per day incl. shower facilities, WC and electricity
Please inform us about your planned day and time of arrival and departure

Alternate camping sites:
Campingparadis at Mattsee
Camping at Salzburg City (Nord Sam)
Camping at Wallersee

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